about us

Walk & Sort  offers trustworthy dog walking, pet/house sitting and home organisation services at reasonable rates. There are two parts to the business, pet sitting/walking and sorting out your home. Walk & Sort offers moving, cleaning and caring in hard times for deceased estates also.

Nadine has been looking after pets for the last 20 years and has owned multiple animals herself. She knows just how to take care of your pets on walks, whilst you are on vacation/holiday or general pet care and organisation of your home.  Nadine contributes to your animals well being and takes the boredom out of your dogs day with a walk or while you are away cares for your beloved animals and home.

Pets of all shapes and sizes can be catered for, just walks, minding, taxi and all services relating to your pet, check out my services. 

Walk & Sort offers a home organisation service, ever thought I'll get around to tidying my office, or fixing up the garage so I can park my car in the garage again. Thought what do I do with all this mess ?  One day ill get around to spring cleaning my room and organising it into a well designed space with storage? Time to de-clutter your life? Nadine offers to de-clutter your life and have a well organised clean living space for a very competitive rate. 

Nadine offers these services as she believes in caring for the welfare of  all animals, loves to clean and organise homes as there is nothing better than coming home and knowing where everything is and it is easily accessible. 

Do you want to walk into a home that looks like a magazine?