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Walking dogs is Nadine's specialty, she loves to get your beloved family member out and about, a bit of play or throw the ball will keep the dog active and so your backyard or home wont pay the price of boredom. It is important to exercise dogs and break up the boredom of being at home alone, dogs are pack animals and like to be with someone during the day whilst you are busy working. If you need morning, evening or during the day walks to take some pressure of all the things you have to do, call Nadine to walk your dog. Walk & Sort does quick walks, check ins, long walks, extended play and dog walk training. Walk & Sort pays extra attention and only does individual walks at this stage for every dog. Photos posted on Walk & Sort's  Facebook page with your permission. 


Leaving to go on vacation/holiday or travelling for work? No need to worry Nadine owner director of Walk & Sort will come and pet / house sit and look after your home and pets like they were her own. She plays, walks and feeds your pets, house cleans/house organise (extra charges ) she makes sure the house/pets are secure and loved. Your pet will feel like you are still there and you have peace of mind while you are having a great time away. Photos of your pet will be sent to you/posted on Walk & Sort Facebook page with your permission. 


Check in service whilst you are otherwise occupied. Collection of mail and feeding pets, watering garden whatever you require.


General cleaning of house, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, lounge and dining. Dusting, wiping down surfaces, vacuuming and mopping.  



If your pet requires medication, special care and extra attention due to age,medical aliments or just incredibly needy/energetic Nadine can help with special long walks, aiding in giving tablets, soft play and exercise.



Coming soon. 


Do you need to declutter, reorganise your office due to lack of time, have too much paperwork or boxes piling up in garage or around the house? If you have answered yes to any of these questions you need the services of Walk & Sort. Nadine will go and get boxes, remove additional waste, donate items to your preferred charity. 

I cannot speak highly enough of Walk & Sort, I have been using Nadine long before she set up Walk & Sort she looks after all my pets (Greyhound,Whippet and Cat) whilst I travel. Nadine has a genuine love for animals, she walks, feeds,plays and cares for them like they were her own. I can trust this service knowing my home and my animals will feel secure and loved. I have also used her cleaning services which are 5 star!
— Shell & Bell
My god, Nadine is literally the dog whisperer.If you want someone who genuinely loves dogs and will give your dog love and attention in your absence, Walk & sort is for you.
— Mel Wilson